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Water Damage in Gaithersburg

The damage done from water damage doesn’t wait, so neither should you. To minimize the destruction of Gaithersburg water damage, an immediate response from a water damage Gaithersburg restoration service is imperative. The invasive properties of water damage can lead to warping, swelling, staining, rusting, and decay. DRS begins the water extraction process without delay, saving your property and its contents from irreversible damage.

A water mitigation and damage restoration plan is essential to fully recover and restore your Gaithersburg property. This includes a plan to extract, clean, dry, and dehumidify your property to prevent further damage. Whether you’ve experienced broken water pipes, a malfunctioning or leaking appliance, sewage back-ups, or flooding from rainwater, water and flood damage, costs rise the longer the situation is left to wreak havoc. Don’t wait to call a professional – call DRS right away.

Insurance Claims Assistance

We can help you with the complicated insurance claims process, from advising you on how to handle an individual claim to working directly with your insurance company. We want to help you navigate the claims process as quickly as possible, and get your property restored just as quickly. We work closely with insurance carriers and insurance agents so we can be your advocate throughout the entire process.

There are jobs that you simply aren’t prepared to do when cleanup becomes burdensome task. When you need professional help you can trust, the DRS team of certified technicians save you from your cleanup calamity. Commercial or residential – large or small, DRS is available to provide a swift and thorough water cleanup so you can get back to business and your daily routine.

Sewage water is worse than gross, it’s a serious danger to your health. Make sure you vacate the area immediately to avoid any contact with potentially lethal viruses, bacteria, and other disease-laden microbes. Because sewage cleanup can’t wait, you need immediate emergency help. DRS has a team of certified sewage cleanup Gaithersburg technicians on call who specialize in sewage damage. We remove the contaminated sewage water and waste and perform full decontamination, deodorization, dry out, and return your property to pre-damage condition. Sewage water is considered a category 3 water classification, the most unsanitary level, where contact or inhalation could cause severe illness or death. We are fully certified to handle your emergency sewage removal needs and adhere to strict professional standards.

We Extract Water & Lower a Structure’s Moisture Level

Our water damage restoration gaithersburg services begin with an examination of the home to identify the source of water ingress. This assessment is critical as any further restoration work can be wasted if water is still getting in the residential or commercial property.

Less severe levels of water damage will enable the property’s power outlets to run industrial-strength de-humidification devices. We have generators set up in our trucks that supply power if the electrical power in the residential or commercial property requires switching off.

To reduce the humidity in a structure we set up dehumidifiers and air distributing fans. Localized water damage is separated by sealing the area from the rest of the property to avoid additional contamination.

How Our Professionals Eliminate Moisture

Basements flooded with deep water require a pump to extract the fluid prior to it being able to infuse into the core of the building’s structure. After pumping is finished, we can start to remove water from wall-to-wall rugs and floor coverings with extraction equipment.

The moisture removal procedure begins along the baseboards to catch water prior to it injuring insulation and electrical wiring. Oftentimes we raise and get rid of water-soaked carpets so we can suction moisture from beneath the flooring surfaces.

It is essential that a home gets the most extensive drying procedure possible, as such our teams execute this task with considerable focus in order to prevent any future undesirable problems such as mold development.

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