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Water Damage in Germantown

When it comes to water restoration germantown, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Whether you have water in your basement and need water extraction, or a leaky roof turning your ceiling into drywall pudding, we’ve successfully repaired thousands of homes with water damage restoration over the past 10 years.

If you hire our team to handle your water damage repair, we will do everything in our power to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible by repairing the damage as if it was our own home and our own family displaced. While we can’t replace all the items lost in the damage, we can at least put your mind at ease knowing that we will do everything we can to get you back to your normal living situation as quickly and pain-free as possible.

Professional Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation is the process of preventing or reducing the amount of water damage that happens after plumbing failures, floods, or when the water rushes into homes after a storm.

Water mitigation prevents any additional damage with fast and appropriate actions before more water damage accumulates. The longer you wait, the harder and more intensive the water mitigation process becomes. Ceiling water damage, soaked rugs, ruined furniture, and warped flooring begin to occur if a water damage restoration team isn’t on site quickly.

We take specific steps to reduce the property destruction, to prevent any potential mold growth, and to restore your property back to its original condition…or better.

When we get to your residence, we will immediately get started on a flood damage cleanup review without hesitation. Prior to commencing your project, we will provide you a quote of the pricing of repair. We can provide you with the most correct estimates because our technicians in Germantown, MD have been taught meticulously in water and flood damage cleanup.

Surplus Water Removal

The Paul Davis professionals promptly start cleaning up standing moisture from your residence when you consent to the terms of our service estimate. To efficiently remove as much excess water as we can, our specialists use vacuum pumps. The Paul Davis process will speed up the drying time and lessens the risk of toxic mold growth. Innovative humidity-detecting equipment finds leftover water in your home.

Drying Your Home Entirely

Although your home seems dry after cleaning out the majority of moisture, it isn’t. It’s likely that carpets may need removal to avoid further damage to the subfloor. To make drying faster, the Germantown, MD specialists will change to air movers or dehumidifiers. Our team is always extremely thorough to prevent poisonous mold from spreading.

Cleaning Up Your Home

After a flood, a moldy odor can remain inside. Furniture, clothing, draperies and other articles will likely need deodorizing. By using our antibacterial treatments to eliminate germs and our antimicrobial treatments to stop mold growth, we will guarantee your Germantown, MD home is dry, clean and safe.

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