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When it comes to Water Damage Kensington, it is something that should be handled promptly and only by professionals.

Water Damage

All these years of service have equipped us with the knowledge and experience to handle any size mold removal project.

Mold Removal

Fire Damage is likely the worst type of disaster a property can incur. Not only will you have to deal with everything.

Fire Damage

Water damage Restoration Kensington, MD

Water Damage Restoration Kingston provides 24 Water Damage service in Kingston MD. We have proudly been serving Queens for over 20 years. Call Water Damage Restoration Kingston-301-234-7115 24 hours 7 days a week.
Water damage Restoration Kensington, MD has a variety of causes, such as flooding, heavy rain, plumbing issues, burst pipes, and more. Regardless of the source, water damage needs to be removed right away because if not, it will spread and do additional damage to your property.
Water damage Kensington, MD provides professional water damage restoration and repair services to homes and businesses in Kensington, MD. Our technicians use advanced drying and extraction equipment to remove standing water and excess moisture from your property. We will then restore all damaged materials and belongings to their original state.

Problems Caused by Water Damage

Taking immediate action after water damage is important because of how easily it spreads and causes further damage. In cases of flooding, water follows the path with the least resistance and typically ends up on lower floors. The water is then absorbed by porous materials, such as wood, drywall, carpet, and other building materials.
What results is swelling, discoloration, warping, and even mold growth in the structure of the building. If water damage is untreated for a long period of time, it will weaken the structure of the building and the moisture increases the risk of mold.
Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD
Contact Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD at (301) 234 7115 for professional water damage restoration services in the Kensington, MD, area.
If your property has water damage, DO:
" Contact Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD
" for professional water damage restoration services
" Open doors and closets to create air flow
" Keep all draperies off the floor
" Blot and/or mop water
" Wipe down wet furniture
" Pack water-damaged books together to avoid warping
" Put valuable photos, documents, and personal belongings somewhere safe
If your property has water damage, DO NOT:
" Enter a room with standing water if the electricity is on
" Use any electronics if property is still wet
" Clean mold yourself
" Remove carpeting or other permanent flooring
" Attempt to vacuum the water

Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD

Water Damage Restoration Process

Our technicians at Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD are equipped to handle water mitigation jobs of any size and restore all kinds of water-damaged property. We use advanced dehumidification and water extraction equipment to remove excess moisture and standing water. Afterward, we clean and restore all the items and areas affected by water damage. Our water damage restoration services involve:
" Inspection and assessment of the damage
" Water extraction
" Dehumidification
" Post-job monitoring of the drying process
Available 24/7 Whether it's the result of a natural disaster or an internal plumbing issue, water damage is a stressful and overwhelming situation to deal with. However, it's crucial that you call for help immediately. Porous building materials will continue to absorb moisture and standing water can lead to mold growth and rotting. With these added issues, it's more difficult for restoration professionals to fix the water damage.

Water Extraction Kensington, MD

Our teams have the necessary knowledge, certification, and experience to conduct water extraction restoration services. To perform these services, we use the industry's best water extraction equipment. We can also speed up the drying time with our high performing commercial water drying equipment. We understand the importance of returning to your home or business promptly, which is why our work is fully guaranteed. If you are in need of water extraction services, give us a call now.
Our water extraction services include water damage assessments and restoration. Call 301-234-7115to make an appointment for water extraction restoration services in Kensington, MD.

Water Damage Risks

No matter the source of the water, we are able to provide complete water extraction services that include cleaning and repairs. If unaddressed, water damage can result in serious structural damage in the following ways:
" Mold, mildew, and rot: Within 24 hours, rot can occur in the aftermath of water damage and in the presence of standing water. This issue will lead to other problems, including structural damage and health concerns.
" Weakened structural integrity: Ceilings, walls, floors, and building supports are immediately affected by the presence of standing water. It can cause personal risk, property loss, and/or eventual collapse of the structure.
" Greater chance for electrical fire: Water can access electrical wiring in appliances and walls, which can result in an electrical fire if untreated. " Insects and pests: Mosquitoes, midges, and other insects and pests nest in standing water. With unattended standing water present, these insects and pests will get comfortable. Soon enough, you may discover an infestation in your home or business.

Water Extraction Process

Our water extraction professionals have the necessary equipment and knowledge to conduct these services. To begin, we determine, locate, and address the water source. Standing water and excess moisture are extracted using fast drying equipment to decrease the potential for additional water damage. If your home or business has experienced mold growth as a result of the water damage, then we can address that problem through our mold remediation services.

Water Extraction Services

At Water Damage Chevy Chase, we are experts on water extraction and water mitigation services, having provided those services for more than two decades. We take pride in our reputation as a company who provides quality services in a quick manner. We employ talented professional technicians who do well with finding effective, unique solutions for your water damage concerns. Additionally, we are a great choice for water restoration services, because our inventory of commercial water drying equipment is the best available.
When working with our restoration professionals, our credentials include the following:
" We are a privately-owned company. " Our restoration professionals use IICRC-certified restoration techniques and have numerous certifications.
" Our staff consists of professional employees.
" We have the industry's best technology and equipment and use it to effectively diagnose, address, clean, clear, and repair your restoration, remediation, and recovery needs. " Our staff is experienced, having provided services throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona while also building lasting business relationships.

Our services are catered to the following industries:

" Government buildings " Medical facilities " Educational facilities " Residential homes and buildings " Commercial properties " Industrial buildings and structures " Offshore/maritime structures Water Extraction Professionals Water Damage Restoration Kensington, MD offers fast, efficient water extraction restoration services to properties in need in Kensington ,MD. We can also provide complete commercial and residential restoration services to address damage incurred by floods, fires, natural disasters, and other incidents. If you're dealing with water damage, time is crucial, so don't wait to call us.

Water Damage Restoration

From leaking faucets to broken water heaters to flooding, water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. If not taken care of immediately, excess water in your home can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your home’s structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold. When the worst happens, call the water damage restoration experts at Water Damage Kensington. With one call, we’re at your side, providing expert guidance on what to do, with the experience to fix the problem, fast.

Whatever the cause, fast water mitigation is key to restoration, and this is where Water Damage Kensington excels. Our technicians arrive onsite quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With our rapid response teams, your floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood or due to a leaking roof, or as a result of any number of water-related problems. By taking fast action and contacting ServiceMaster Restore, you can prevent additional damage and cost.

What To Do If You’re In The Middle of A Loss

If your property has experienced water damage, there are several things you can do before our restoration experts arrive. Time is of the essence in these situations and a quick response can make a major difference in the extent of repairs and restoration.

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